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Can I Sell My Parents House Before Death?

November 27, 2018 • Owen

When parents age there needs to be some changes made. It often means that the kids have to attend to this. One of the factors may be that I have to sell my parents house before death. This is a big task for you. It is not one that you do everyday. So it is not one that you are familiar with. The sell my parents house before death task is one that many people face.

Sell Your Elderly Parents Home

sell my parents house before death when they're elderly

Selling parents house means that you have a lot to learn. First, you have to know what options are available to you. I have to sell my parents house before death may mean fewer legalities. It is when it’s compared to selling your parents house after they have passed away. This usually means even greater legal issues.

You have some decisions to make  to sell your elderly parents home. It includes which options are you going to pick to sell my parents house before death.

Sell My Parents House Before Death Preparations

Before thinking about selling the house, it has to be ready for sale. For several of the house selling options you have no choice but to do this. Most home buyers will want a home inspection done. If you don’t do the repairs it may not pass inspection. There will be some disappointments when potential sales fall through. All because it didn’t pass inspection. This brings another challenge for you. Now you have to do the repairs which may be unsettling for your parents. Then there is going to be a cost involved.

Legalities for the can I sell my parents house before death question

sell my parents house before death and other leagalities

Added to all of this are the legalities. Permission has to be obtained in answer to the question can I sell my parents house before death. You may need the power of attorney for them. It is a legal document that allows you to act on their behalf.

Sell House By Owner Options

You may be familiar with the sell house by owner option. For awhile it became quite a trend. After seeing how difficult it can be many people no longer try. Still you need to know what it entails. You need to look at all the selling parents house options.

You may decide that to sell my parents house before death this is the best method. Perhaps you are looking at it as a way to save money on real estate fees. It is true that you can do this. But chances are you will have higher legal fees.

There are a lot of legal documents that come with selling a house. If these are not prepared in a proper manner  it can cause problems. It could cause the sale of the house to fall through. It may mean you need to hire a lawyer to do extra work. This is the work that in normal situations the realtor would do.

You also have to accept to sell my parents house before death that this option is difficult. It means you will be the one that always has to be on call for showings. Plus, you are going to have the task of marketing the house. This is time consuming. Plus, it takes a certain amount of expertise. You don’t have all the resources that the real estate agent has. Then added to this is how to set the price. You want a fair price when you need to sell my parents house before death. Chances are they need the money from the sale to live on. They are going to have to move. Finding new accommodations costs money. You need to decide if you have the time and expertise to see my parents house before death. If you are going to use this option.

Using a Real Estate Agency

sell my parents house before death with a realtor

Think about using professionals. It is another option to consider for the sell my parents house before death task . It means now relying on a real estate agent. This will help with some of the burden of selling someone else’s home. For the most part they will look after the marketing. Plus, they look after a lot of the legal paper work.

There are going to be several downsides to this. Your parents may feel unsettled. They have a stranger looking after some of their affairs. This unknown individual is going to be bringing strangers through their home. Then it could take weeks or months for the sale. During this entire time it is stressful for your parents.

The Sell House for Cash

There is one more option for the sell my parents house before death task. It the sell house for cash opportunity. There are professionals investors that are willing to pay cash for the house. In this situation a cash deal may be perfect.

It means that there won’t be any strangers coming through the home to view it.  It eliminates the needs for the repairs that may need doing. Cash buyers will not expect the completion of any repairs . This is a huge relief because it cuts down on the disruption to your parents.

Your parents are now going to have to move somewhere. It may mean they need cash to do this. Buy using the sell house for cash there are no mortgages that need arranging . Which can often be a problem with other buyers.

Then there are the savings  on the real estate costs.  The legalities for selling the house this way are far less of a burden. It can mean a lot less cost in lawyers fees.

The transition that takes place with the sell house for cash is smooth and hassle free. It creates the ideal situation for your parents. For you the sell my parents house before death is a problem solved. You no longer need to worry about where you are going to get the time to do this. Plus, you don’t have to educate yourself about home selling. Your parents don’t need to stew over about what is going to happen to the house. Having cash offered to them may be a great incentive for them.

The cash offer can help to offset the disappointment they may be feeling. It can be upsetting for them to leave their home. The cash is going to give them something to look forward to. There are no worries about home buyers coming back with complaints. Nor is there the frustration of having to deal with real estate transactions. Especially when they  that tend to fall through.

Need to Sell Your Parents’ House Now?

sell my parents house before death to cash buyer

At Red Ladder Property Solutions we specialize in a quick sale so that you can get on with the more important things in life. Don’t stress out about selling your parents’ house. In the event you need to sell your parents’ house before death, give us a call at 402-578-4003. We would love to answer any questions about the house selling process that you might have.


The information presented in this article is for educational purposes only and should not be considered legal, financial, or as any other type of advice.

Why Sell a House to Cash Buyers?

November 2, 2017 • Owen

Making the decision to sell your home is one of the major decisions you will probably make in your lifetime. There are lots of options, between listing with a real estate agent, selling on your own, and the decision to sell a house to cash buyers. When you are going to do this it requires several different types of planning for the future. You will have some options in the way you want to sell your home. So why should you sell a house to cash buyers? Let’s see what that entails.

Why Sell To Cash Buyers?

why sell a house to cash buyers

The best way to decide to sell a house to cash buyers is to compare this to traditional home selling.

Listing the home Through the Real Estate Agent

If you go through a realtor the first thing that needs to be done is that it has to be inspected by this professional. The realtor will then do an analysis of the market in your area. After this, he will suggest a listing price. You have the final say as to how much you want to put the house on the market for.

Necessary Repairs

Your realtor may also suggest that you do some specific repairs before listing the house. You then need to make the decision as to whether it would benefit you financially to do this. It will also depend on whether you have the extra funds to put into the repairs.

Advertising and Promotion

Your agent will look after the task of advertising your home and promoting it to potential buyers. This means putting in on the open market. Interested parties will book appointments to see your home. Most likely there are other homes in your area that are for sale so your home will be competing against these.


Home viewings are one the biggest inconveniences. This is necessary when selling your home in the traditional manner. Some find this to be such a hassle that it answers the question as to should I sell my home for cash.  Viewings mean that several people will want to see your home at different times. You may have to leave the home for periods of time, so the agent can hold open houses. It means constantly having to keep the house clean and orderly.

The Negotiations

When a potential buyer is going to put an offer in it usually means some negotiations back and forth. This can take some time before an actual selling price is agreed upon. Many times during this process the deal falls through. The buyer may not be willing to pay the final price. Or, they may not be able to arrange financing.

The Paperwork

With the sale of a house with traditional methods, there is a lot of paperwork involved. Not only does the realtor have to prepare this, but you will also need a lawyer to help close the deal.

Selling a House to Cash Buyers

pros of deciding to sell a house to cash buyers

There is a good chance you may not even have to list your home. It may be that your home is in need of several repairs to bring it up to market value. If you take the option to sell a house to cash buyers then you most likely can take the “sell house as is” opportunity.

Do some checking in your area. You may find there are investors that are interested in sellers who want to sell a house for cash.  Your realtor may even be aware of someone who may be interested in this type of purchase. This means the cash buyer is prepared to buy the house in its current state.

Should I Sell My House For Cash?

Your personal situation will help you answer the question, should I sell my house for cash? You need to know the reason that you are selling in the first place. It could be that you have run into financial difficulties. Or perhaps your job requires you to move to a new location. Another reason may be that the house is in bad need of repairs and you don’t have the extra money to carry these out.

All of these situations may raise the need for some quick cash. This is drawing you towards the decision to sell a house as is. When you sell a house to cash buyers you don’t have to deal with a lot of the hassle. These are the ones that come with the traditional way of selling.

Other Reasons to Sell a House to Cash Buyers

more reasons to sell a house to cash buyers

Fast Sale

When you sell a house to cash buyers you are normally looking for a quick sale with a fast closing. At first, you may think it will be difficult to sell a house this way because of the need of repairs. There are several investors that are willing to buy a home as is. If you’re looking to sell your house fast then a cash buyer might be for you.

Fair Price

Naturally, the price will be lower than it would be if the home were in pristine condition. You will still receive fair market value, based on the worth of the home. Also keep in mind if you do your research for your area first, you may not have to even list your home. Chances are, you can find interested parties who advertise that they want to pay cash for homes. This means you will save substantial money on the real estate fees. You may also get some extra savings on your lawyer’s fees. This is because there is not as much legal work involved in this type of sale.

Fewer Inconveniences

When you sell a house to cash buyers you don’t have the inconveniences of waiting for the right buyer. You don’t have to do the repairs or put up with the intrusion of people viewing your home.

These are all valid answers to the question why sell to cash buyers. The answers are the solutions for those who want quick cash for their home. It is an ideal method for those that don’t want to go through the standard process of home selling. When you sell a house to cash buyers you can tend to your financial needs quickly. Or, you can get on with the move that is required based on your situation.

Sell a House to Cash Buyers Now!

reasons to sell a house to cash buyers

Watching your house sit on the market, spending an arm and a leg in repair costs, and not wanting to list with a real estate agent are all reasons why cash buyers are a better option for you. At Red Ladder Property Solutions, we specialize in quick home sales for cash. That’s the benefit of selling a house for cash and working with us!

No matter what condition your house is in, we’re here to help you out. We’ll get your house closed, and write you a check on the spot! Call us today to get a no obligations quote for your house, or just to get your questions answered. We’re always happy and ready to talk! Contact us at 402-578-4003.

Process of Selling My House to Cash Buyers

October 26, 2017 • Owen

When it comes to selling a property, homeowners have many options. From the traditional hiring of a realtor and sitting months on market to listing a for sale by owner and selling your own house, homeowners make the best personal decision with the most knowledge they have. Unfortunately, many homeowners have little to no experience working with we buy houses companies. The benefits of cash buyers are numerous, so when I want to move on quickly I’m selling my house to cash buyers.

The Benefits of Cash Buyers

My first property was a traditional starter home and required nominal financing to afford. Once I procured a higher paying job out of state, I knew I needed to sell my house quickly in order to relocate. After researching local real estate agents that came highly recommended, I realized the average realtor couldn’t promise a sale real estate closing within a specific timeframe; waiting months of a potential buyer to purchase my home wasn’t an appealing outcome. I began considering other options because utilizing the services of a realtor wasn’t a good solution for my hard time constraints.

After hours of extensive research, I realized the most convenient and quickest method for me to move was selling to cash buyers. Initially, when I made my first cash home buying inquiries, I expected selling to a ‘we buy houses’ company to come with some negatives.

Why hadn’t I heard about their buying proficiency and fair cash offers before now? And why weren’t all my friends and family using their unbelievable services? I asked trusted family members why, and they admitted to not knowing any local cash buyers, not recognizing the advantages, and not understanding the general cash buyer selling process. I felt it necessary to explain why I was selling my house to cash buyers.

the first steps of selling my house to cash buyers

Reputable cash buyers offer numerous far-reaching benefits that make selling a home a simple process. The advantage I was most drawn to was their ability to guarantee a closing within a week of our first meeting. That was simply unheard of when I originally researched the differing selling options homeowners had before I even listed my property. With cash buyers, I wouldn’t have to wait for a lengthy financing period because they had cash on-hand to purchase my property. If they viewed my property and wanted to purchase it, they could immediately. This was great for me to relocate.

Another unique benefit to selling my house to cash buyers was their desire to purchase my home in whatever current condition. For people like my parents, who had been unable to maintain basic upkeep and failed to update their home with the newest appliances, selling a distressed home could be difficult. Very few buyers want to acquire a home that needs major home repairs and lacks that move-in ready appeal. Thankfully, selling my house for cash meant selling without making any costly remodels or renovations.

An Atypical Selling Process

The standard selling process most homeowners encounter is fairly straightforward. A homeowner needs to sell, chooses a local real estate agent to represent them, and entrusts the agent to assess the home, provide a fair market value, and make professional advertising materials to entice prospective buyers.

Once a buyer is interested, the realtor and buyer’s realtor negotiate on behalf of both parties, and – best case scenario – agree and sign a purchase agreement. Now, even though the purchase agreement is reviewed and signed by both parties, the seller won’t receive funds until after the buyer procures home financing, which requires a mortgage lender or bank to approve. From the homeowner’s initial decision to sell to the buyer’s mortgage approval takes a few months. What’s worse is the buyer’s ability to weasel out of a purchase agreement without penalty due to clauses and contingencies, leaving the seller stranded and starting the selling process all over.

what I did when selling my house to cash buyers

I chose to sell my house to cash buyers because the process was more secure than the standard, and I knew I wouldn’t be let down. When selling to cash buyers, homeowners are able to skip many of the typical selling steps in order to close much faster. This atypical selling house for cash process begins with a homeowner deciding to sale. Instead of contacting a real estate agent though, they call their preferred cash buyer.

The cash buyer assumes the role of the realtor and assesses the property – sometimes with walkthroughs, sometimes using comparable homes – to determine a fair market value cash offer. After, they present the cash offer to the homeowners, the sellers can choose to close at their earliest convenience. No waiting for a financial approval!

Selling my house to cash buyers meant I was in control. I determined the closing date, kept the traditional realtor’s commission, and approved a cash offer I felt to be fair. I didn’t need to research local real estate agents or wait for potential buyers to judge my property’s worth; the cash buyers saw my home’s potential even with the varied flaws that turn off other buyers. My cash buyer was a friendly professional and assisted me throughout the selling process without payment. They talked me through any questions I had and showered me with references from other sellers. Selling to cash buyers allowed me the security to start my new job without worrying about selling my starter home.

Selling My House to Cash Buyers

why I went with selling my house to cash buyers

Though homeowners have many options when first deciding to sell their property, choosing a reputable cash home buyer should be a priority if needing to sell fast. Real estate agents work with multiple homeowners simultaneously and often cannot afford the time and dedication needed to sell a property most proficiently; cash buyers, on the other hand, are less burdened by multiple sellers because they guarantee speedy home sales.

When my family and friends ask me for referrals when they want to sell their homes, I advocate for cash buyers every time. Undoubtedly, cash buyers are real estate experts that are trained to determine a home’s value. Cash buyers also offer a simplified selling process. Forget waiting months to move on from your home; selling to cash buyers means being able to find your next home with ease.

Want to Benefit from Selling Your House for Cash?

choose selling my house to cash buyers

If you’re stuck thinking “why am I not selling my house to cash buyers” then you don’t have the time watching your house sit on the market. You don’t have that time, and we understand that. At Red Ladder Property Solutions, we specialize in quick home sales for cash. That’s the benefit of selling a house for cash and working with us!

No matter what condition your house is in, we’re here to help you out. We’ll get your house closed, and write you a check on the spot! Call us today to get a no obligations quote for your house, or just to get your questions answered. We’re always happy and ready to talk! Contact us at 402-578-4003.

For Sale By Owner Pros and Cons

October 5, 2017 • Owen

Before listing a home on the real estate market, homeowners need to make one very important decision: who is going to actually sell the property. Deciding how to sell, either for sale by owner, with a realtor, or with a cash buyer, is a big issue. Selling a home can be a lengthy and complicated process for owners, so many choose to employ the services and expertise of a local real estate agent for assistance.

Other homeowners feel confident in their ability to sell and decide to list a for sale by owner. While selling a house as the owner has enormous benefits, including selling for cash offer, it also comes with unappealing pitfalls for those inexperienced with the process. To avoid these disadvantages, homeowners must become familiar with the for sale by owner process and recognize both the pros and cons.

Listing A For Sale By Owner

listing for sale by owner property sale

When selling a house as the owner, it’s vital to start with pricing the property. Accurately pricing a house is easier said than done, especially when the seller acknowledges their owner’s bias. It’s crucial to correctly price a property from the start of the selling process because it attracts certain buyers and determines how quickly the home will sell. While a good marketing campaign can boost open house attendees, sellers will lose out on many potential buyers if they overprice their property.

To accurately determine the asking price and avoid overpricing – the most common for sale by owner mistake – homeowners must calculate the home’s accurate value. Accurate value is the best price a buyer is willing to realistically pay and is found by browsing comparable properties in the same condition within the same area. Homeowners should also consider the current real estate climate and the cost of financing, if available.

Before finalizing an asking price, homeowners must remember that an asking price is not the selling price. Other home selling prices, tax assessments, and previous values for the home are often not reflective of the true market value of a property. Instead, acquire a professional home appraisal when justifying an asking price.

Successfully listing a for sale by owner also means being able to efficiently advertise your home. This happens by making your home the most attractive by repairing cosmetic issues and keeping the property maintained. To grab the attention of potential buyers, sellers must be willing to develop a clear marketing plan that goes beyond putting ads in the newspaper and a “For Sale” sign in the yard.

As an unrepresented seller, homeowners must be able to compete with homes sold by professional realtors. Using high-grade marketing materials, such as prepared flyers and brochures, as well as advertising online with Multiple Listing Service and home selling sites is necessary to attract serious buyers. Use up-to-date photos of the property and plan open houses on key days of traffic, like the weekends. It’s important to use every advertising tool available to when listing a for sale by owner.

The Pros of Selling a House as the Owner

put on the market to for sale by owner

Once able to fully appreciate the components of selling a house as the owner, homeowners can compare both the pros and cons of listing as an unrepresented seller. The most obvious advantage is that the homeowner is in control. You get to determine the asking price, set the appointment times, decide how to negotiate with a buyer, and when to host an open house. When using a realtor, homeowners must rely on the agent to properly and safely show their property; they entrust the realtor to lock up after showing strangers a property, which doesn’t always happen.

Another positive unique to an owner selling house is that they typically know their home better than any agent. Sellers are able to list a home’s recent updates, accentuate all of its best qualities, and highlight its unique selling point. Real estate agents are often unable to spout of the home’s amenities; while they’re juggling other properties to sell, for sale by owners have a singular focus and dedicate more time and resources on their own home.

One of the most attractive pros of selling your own home is not having to pay a  5-7% commission to your real estate agent. Instead, sellers are able to keep that money to buy additional or higher quality advertising, or pay for any necessary repairs.

The Cons of Selling Without a Realtor

using a realtor for sale by owner property sale

While selling without a realtor offers many benefits, inexperienced sellers may face potential consequences when selling a for sale by owner. The most common disadvantage is not receiving your accurate home value. Unfortunately, some buyers seek out an unrepresented seller in order to con them and purchase a property for less than it’s worth. Homeowners familiar with the process will not be fooled by these illegitimate buyers, no matter how persuasive they are. For help identifying these specific type of scammers, sellers should contact a local cash home buyer; they provide real estate expertise with no strings attached.

Another common disadvantage an owner selling their house might face is having less visibility. Even with the array of free online home selling sites and local magazines dedicated to advertising homes, some sellers have trouble attracting buyers via a strong marketing campaign. Though realtors have more experience and methods available to market a home, sellers have to ultimately pay for the additional advertising through realtor fees. If a homeowner is selling a house for cash, they don’t need to worry about extra advertising fees and writing up detailed property descriptions; cash home buyers typically find you!

The biggest drawback of listing without the aid of a realtor is weeding out unqualified and uninterested buyers. Without prior experience, differentiating between a legitimate buyer and a scammer is a difficult endeavor and can cause serious long term issues. If selling a house for cash, homeowners can forget worrying about attracting the right, serious buyer; cash home buyers are serious about sales and often buy and close on properties within a week. For novice home sellers, they also prepare all the legal forms and disclosures while explaining guidelines and requirements.

Homeowners shouldn’t be discouraged by the negatives if they’re genuinely interested in listing their property without a realtor. With a bit of knowledge and a friendly local cash home buyer, sellers will be able to successfully and easily sell their own homes.

Want to Sell Your Home for Cash?

get the benefits of selling a house for cash

Don’t waste your time watching your house sit on the market. You don’t have that time, and we understand that. At Red Ladder Property Solutions, we specialize in quick home sales for cash. That’s the benefit of selling a house for cash and working with us!

No matter what condition your house is in, we’re here to help you out. We’ll get your house closed, and you will get paid on the spot! Call us today to get a no obligations quote for your house, or just to get your questions answered. We’re always happy and ready to talk! Contact us at 402-578-4003.

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Listing with a Realtor vs Selling for Cash

September 21, 2017 • Owen

Selling your house can be a difficult process because there are so many options. Should you go with listing with a real estate agent, selling to a cash buyer, or selling it on your own?

One of the many advantages of owning real estate is having plenty of options. There are options for buying as well as selling it. As a homeowner that is interested in selling your home, you need to know what your specific options are.

listing with a real estate agent

Selling Your House Yourself

For sale by owner is often the type of sign you see today on homes for sale. This is certainly something homeowners can do. Many don’t understand how difficult this can be. Putting up with the hurdles that come with not listing with a real estate agent can save money.

The Pros of How To Sell Your House By Owner

The Time Factor

If you are not in a hurry to sell your home then listing it for sale by owner can be a distinct advantage. You can set your asking price and hold firm to this. The schedule for showing the home will be dictated by you. This can be done during the times that are most convenient for you.

Change of Mind

If you decide that you don’t want to sell your home you can simply stop your efforts to do so. You have the option of when you want to sell and you can change your mind as often as you like.

Potential Savings

The biggest reason that most people prefer not to use the option of listing with a real estate agent is because they can save money on the realtor fees. This is usually a 6% fee, which can be a big saving on the home sale.

The Cons of Selling Your Home Yourself

cons of selling yourself and listing with a real estate agent


Time Commitment

Not using a listing with a real estate agent means being prepared to devote plenty of time to the home sale.

You need to be available to take calls from interested buyers who will want to set up an appointment for a showing. You will then have to be available to show the home. Closing without a realtor means knowing the legalities that are involved.

You will need to be involved in some form of advertising. This takes time in writing up the ad copy. Then there will be some research involved as to where to advertise.

Learning Curve That Comes With How To Sell Your House By Owner

When you go the route of listing with a real estate agent you are relying on their expertise. There is a lot that goes into selling a home. You are going to have to learn at least the basics of this to be successful. These professionals know how to sell a home by emphasizing its strong points. With you having a personal attachment to the home you may focus on this. Potential buyers may not find what you consider to be strong points applicable to them.

Safety Factors

It is important to consider the safety factors when allowing strangers into your home. Most often those who want to look at the home come in pairs or groups. This may make you feel uncomfortable as you don’t really know what their true intentions may be. Closing without a realtor can leave you open to making some serious mistakes.

Selling Your House for Cash

Another option besides listing with a real estate agent is to simply sell your home for cash. This is a good solution for a quick sale with a flexible asking price.

The Pros of Selling Your House for Cash

stop listing with a real estate agent and sell for cash


You don’t have to go through the inconvenience of having to show your home to potential buyers. Most often when a home is up for sale it means multiple showings before it sells. There may also be a need for several open houses which can be a nuisance.

Quick Cash

Some individuals are in poor financial shape. If you need quick cash then selling your house for cash may help with this


Selling your house for cash is the fastest method for home selling. It takes very little time for the sales contract to be drafted.  Usually, a very quick closing date can be arranged.

The Cons of Selling Your House For cash

Less Money

A cash sale usually doesn’t give you much room to negotiate the selling price. The buyer has a set amount they are willing to spend. You need to decide whether the cash price is something you feel is fair and that you are willing to accept.

Limited Time

Normally with a cash sale, the closing is much quicker. You need to decide whether it will allow you enough time to make the move and find new lodgings.

Listing with a Real Estate Agent

There are a lot of good reasons why most home sellers want to follow through with a listing with a real estate agent.

The Pros of Listing with a Real Estate Agent

sell for cash don't go for listing with a real estate agent

Their Expertise

Real estate agents are professionals. They have all the knowledge necessary to sell real estate. They have the expertise to analyze the market in the areas in which they work.

Their Contacts

Agents have many different resources to draw from when it comes to potential buyers. They usually have access to large databases. These connect to other realty agencies that list potential clients.

Advertising Resources

A real estate agent has the expertise to be able to advertise the home in the right venues. They know how to write the copy and how to promote the sale.


Realtors dedicate their time to showing the home and have the knowledge of how to close the sale. They have the negotiating skills when it comes to the financial aspects of the sale.


There is a lot of paperwork and legalities to tend to for a home sale. Real estate agents are trained in this area. They can avoid some of the costly mistakes that can be made during a home sale.

The Cons of Listing With a Real Estate Agent

The Fees

The 6% realtor fee is the biggest disadvantage. You will have to pay this once the sale is closed.

A Commitment

You are making a commitment with your chosen realtor. They will be the only one allowed to sell your home during the duration of the contract.

Being Realistic

You have the ultimate say in what your house should be listed for. Your realtor will encourage you to be realistic in the listing price. This will be based on his analysis of sales in your area.

sell your house without listing with a real estate agent

Sell Your House Now!

Realistically, listing with a real estate agent takes anywhere from 4 – 10 months depending on your market. In Omaha, it could take a minimum of 6 months. You don’t have that time, and we understand that. At Red Ladder Property Solutions, we specialize in quick home sales for cash.

We’ll get your house closed, and write you a check on the spot! Call us today to get a no obligations quote for your house, or just to get your questions answered. We’re always happy and ready to talk! Contact us at 402-578-4003.

5 Tips to Sell Your House Fast!

September 14, 2017 • Owen

From making repairs to utilizing the services of a cash home buyer, follow these general cash-saving tips to sell your house fast in any residential real estate market. Time is not on a homeowner’s side when it comes to selling a property. Depending on the time of year, real estate climate, and market trends, the average listing can sit on the market for months without a bite. For distressed homeowners, motivated sellers, and professionals needing to relocate immediately, knowing what to do to sell your house fast is money-saving knowledge.

1. Scope Out the Competition

get the best tips to sell your house fast
If you want to know how to get your house ready to sell fast, there’s no better method than scoping out similar homes in the same neighborhood and area. These properties will give homeowners a baseline for the competition already on market, and help determine the home’s accurate value. It’ll also outline what features are deemed most desirable by potential buyers.

If you look at the comparable homes closely enough, you’ll also gather more tips to sell your house fast. Take note of the homes that haven’t sold within your desired timeframe; if the properties possess certain commonalities – like poor curb appeal or outdated finishes – resolve to offer your potential buyer something better before listing.

2. Make Cosmetic Repairs

do the right repairs are good tips to sell your house fast

Homes age naturally. From home system degradation to peeling paint and broken tile roof, properties typically fall apart faster than their owners. When homeowners are ready to move on, these seemingly superficial issues can cause prospective buyers to skip an open house altogether. To increase curb appeal and better a first impression for potential buyers, homeowners should keep up with exterior maintenance: water the grass to ensure a lush, green lawn and apply a fresh coat of paint to the house and shutters.

For additional tips to sell your house fast, ask a professional landscaper to assess your property and how to make it more appealing. Planting colorful perennials, applying fresh mulch to natural areas, and adding a lavish fountain can set your home apart when listing. Remember to shop around before hiring any professionals to work on your home; you don’t want to waste more time, energy, and money fixing unexpected issues that may pop up due to shoddy contractor work.

3. Price Accordingly

One of the biggest tips to sell your house fast comes when initially pricing the property. It’s no secret that overpricing a home is detrimental to a property’s sale when comparing it to homes offering the same features. To ensure you’re reasonably pricing your property before listing, you must first determine its projected market value.

The simplest way to do this involves comparing it to homes within the same neighborhood, offering the same number of bedrooms and full bathrooms, and with similar updates. If this estimate seems too low or high for your specific home, it’s wise to obtain a home appraisal. Professional appraisers will not only compare your home to others in the area, they’ll also make detailed notes after a walkthrough and factor any property updates – and flaws – when calculating a home’s worth.

4. Consider Selling Your Home Without a Realtor

making sure the price are good tips to sell your house fast

Homeowners needing to sell immediately should seriously look into listing as a for sale by owner. Instead of hiring a real estate agent, unrepresented sellers decide to sell on their own terms. This is especially great for homeowners desiring a speedy sale. Homeowners listing as a for sale by owner have the control over when their property gets viewed, their asking price, and how to go about advertising. With those experienced in real estate or have a basic understanding of the selling process, selling your home without a realtor is a simple, time-saving solution.

Selling without a real estate agent allows homeowners to move at their own pace. If you currently have time constraints, selling your own home will provide you the means to advertise quickly and show your property any day of the week. As an unrepresented seller, superb advertising is essential to standing out within an industry that’s rife with competition. Attract buyers with unique flyers or hire a professional graphic artist to design a home brochure highlighting your property’s best features. Providing professional advertising materials while offering out-of-the-box marketing techniques is key to selling a home by yourself.

5. Sell to Cash Buyers

The best method to selling your house fast is to locate a cash home buyer. These buyers specialize in purchasing properties quickly – sometimes within a week of first contact – and can offer a stress-free selling process. Cash buyers make a living offering solid selling advice to local homeowners; they know how to successfully sell and the best options to sell fast. They also submit fair cash offers, allowing for a speedy sale and skipping the time-wasting house financing process.

While most house buying companies are legitimate buyers with loads of references and unparalleled professionalism, some are scammers only interested in submitting low-ball offers. Their intention isn’t to provide sound advice and fair market cash offers, but to manipulate desperate sellers into selling well below market value. To avoid these cash buyers altogether, homeowners should research their home’s accurate value before listing. When in doubt, ask to see references.

General Tips to Sell Your House Fast

get the best tips to sell your house fast

Selling your house fast doesn’t have to be an impossible endeavor. Instead of allowing your home to suffer months on market without a legitimate lead, take the home selling process into your own hands. Stop relying on real estate agents with multiple listings to focus on your home and take a proactive step to ensuring the successful sale of your property.

If you’ve already checked out the competition, completed all minor repairs within budget, and determined a fair asking price for your home, you’re well on your way to attracting a potential buyer for your home. For more general tips to sell your house fast, consider selling as a for sale by owner and locating a reputable cash house buyer. While the former gives you the control to sell at your own speed, the latter offers the quickest selling solution readily available.

Sell Your House Now!

Realistically, listing with a real estate agent takes anywhere from 4 – 10 months depending on your market. In Omaha, it could take a minimum of 6 months. You don’t have that time, and we understand that. At Red Ladder Property Solutions, we specialize in quick home sales for cash.

We’ll get your house closed, and write you a check on the spot! Call us today to get a no obligations quote for your house, or just to get your questions answered. We’re always happy and ready to talk! Contact us at 402-578-4003.

How Investors Buy Houses Hassle Free

September 7, 2017 • Owen

Thinking of selling a home to a cash buyer, but find yourself wondering how investors buy houses?

When it comes to selling a property, homeowners want to ensure a stress and hassle free sale. They want to be able to sell their home at the ideal asking price and walk away from closing with the ability to move on without strings attached. Unfortunately, not all home sales are quick and convenient. They often come with a long battle to please potential buyers. Fixing up the property and hosting endless showings can become a financial burden, and emotionally overwhelming. For sellers wanting to simplify the selling process, learning how investors buy houses is essential.

Why Sell House to Investors

selling is how investors buy houses

Most homeowners envision their property being sold to the typical buyer: a family or young couple with the desire to live happily ever after in the home. However, individual buyers aren’t the only option when listing a property on the market.

Many house buyers are professionals with interest in the property’s potential. These real estate experts are investors, often making fair cash offers exceeding the homeowner’s expectations. But how do investors buy houses with cash? These investment companies and individuals will purchase resident homes needing renovations to eventually resell at a profit or boost their property portfolio. As with any major life decision, there are both advantages and disadvantages in selling a property to an investor. It’s vital to outweigh both before making any concrete action.

The benefits of selling your property to an investor are numerous and will likely appeal to most homeowners. We buy houses companies and other investors are unlike traditional house buyers with their lack of buying limitations. Whereas a traditional buyer is typically forced to get a loan or other financing to purchase the property, investors will use cash on hand. This allows sellers to skip waiting for the lengthy financing process and move on with ease. For a homeowner looking to close fast, this is one of the best reasons why to sell a house to investors.

Another major perk to utilizing an investor’s services is their ability to offer flexible buying arrangements. Unlike traditional house buyers, many we buy houses companies are willing to take over a homeowner’s financial burden as an added bonus to selling. They may be able to take over the homeowner’s mortgage, which is especially beneficial to sellers that are underwater or have had their home on the market for a while.

making the deal is how investors buy houses

Perhaps the biggest advantage to selling your property to an investor instead of a traditional buyer is their desire to buy a home as-is. Sometimes homeowners are unable to make necessary home repairs due to cost. Other times, they’ve inherited the property already damaged and wish to sell immediately. Whatever the scenario, investors will happily gobble up severely damaged properties, including rentals and inherited homes. For a seller with the financial burden of owning a dilapidated property, investors are an attractive option.

Like with any major financial decision, there are limited disadvantages to selling a home to an interested investor. For instance, some scammers pose as investors willing to submit an offer. However, these illegitimate buyers are more interested in tying up your property in purchase agreements than actually closing the sale themselves. Unfortunately, investors aren’t legally required to expose who is making an offer and their intentions; this legal loophole allows many scammers to actively fool the seller without any consequences. Many sellers also find themselves needing to vet investors more than traditional buyers. This extra bit of time spent on researching before a sale can be a costly and an ineffective waste of time for many homeowners.

Making a Deal

getting your deal is how investors buy houses

Now that you can identify the major benefits and few disadvantages to selling to an investor, it’s time to learn how to sell to house buyers. Thankfully the process is simple due to the investor’s focus on finding ideal income properties. Transforming your home in hopes of appealing to the traditional buyer can be difficult; it often means updating the property and providing curb appeal that attracts the average buyer. Investors are less picky and look for a couple key factors before making a deal.

Investors generally search for homes that need work in superb locations. Properties that are undervalued due to extensive damages are a great deal for investors willing to renovate before reselling. Homeowners that have become landlords are also ideal potential sellers; their tenant-occupied rental properties are desirable nuggets of potential profit to a serious investor. Homeowners with any of the properties described will with little problem attracting a local investor willing to make a deal.

Before finalizing the deal, it’s important as the seller to carefully look over the agreement. While most investors are professional house buyers with no intention to mislead the homeowner, some will put in substantially lower bids or change other agreed upon details. If selling an FSBO, it’s especially important to have an expert read over the contract before closing.

How Investors Buy Houses

selling is how investors buy houses

When it comes to how investors buy houses, the process is simple. If the local investor doesn’t make initial contact, a homeowner can inquire about the house buyer via an online form or obligation-free phone call. After making contact, the investor will set up a home visit to assess the property to calculate a fair price. Once the investor has considered the purchase cost, including comparing it to other homes of similar size in the neighborhood, they will submit a cash offer. There are no stipulations or contingencies involved; the investors want to buy the home as-is and provide the seller the means to move on. Once the offer is thoroughly looked over by the seller and accepted, investors ensure closing within a week or at the seller’s earliest convenience. It’s that easy.

Working with a professional investor is a hassle free experience for homeowners interested in simplifying the selling process. The benefits far outweigh the possibility of scammers. Investors are meant to be empathetic problem solvers and experts in the housing market. They can provide cash offers that expedite the sale and free selling advice for unsure homeowners. If you want to know how investors buy houses hassle free, it comes down to their desire to guarantee a speedy sale while providing efficiency and professionalism.

Need to Sell Your House?

Then you’ve found the right people! At Red Ladder Property Solutions, we understand that selling your house is an emotional, and stressful process. That’s why we take extra care to work with you on a timeline that’s comfortable and convenient for you. That’s how investors buy houses. It’s as simple as sending a text! Sell your house for cash fast through us.

Plus, we’re always happy to answer any questions about the house selling process that you might have. Give us a call today at 402-578-4003.

Get Cash for My House in Omaha

August 31, 2017 • Owen

If you’re stuck with a house that you can’t afford or don’t want anymore, then you’re probably asking yourself “how can I get cash for my house” over and over. Don’t worry! We’re here to be your problem solver.

There are numerous reasons to need cash in today’s market. From ever-increasing inflation to the fluctuating value of the dollar, many homeowners find themselves desperate for a fast financial fix to alleviate any monetary stressors.

Rent, insurance, and other monthly payments pile up. If you’re not on top of it, you can feel overwhelmed by the financial burden while experiencing major consequences. To avoid foreclosure or debt, some homeowners decide to utilize their best asset: their home. But how can I get cash for my house?

Cash for My House Through Home Loans

get cash for my house with a loan

Owned property is a rich source of wealth for most homeowners. For cash poor owners, tapping into the home’s equity is a viable solution with few drawbacks. Home equity is simply the property’s worth minus what the homeowner still owes. For instance, if I owe $40,000 on a home valued at $100,000, I have $60,000 in home equity. If I want cash for my house, I might seek out home equity loans.

Homeowners with substantial home equity, strong credit, and a source of income often borrow from lenders when needing cash fast. Either with a general home equity loan or home equity line of credit (HELOC), property owners can borrow against their home for a set sum of money. While the general home loan is for a particular amount over a stated term, a HELOC is typically more flexible in payment options and terms. With either loan option, the borrower must continually make monthly payments to capitalize on their home’s value.

If I need cash for my house quickly, I might skip the home equity loan altogether. Even if I’m able to meet the monthly payments, the qualification process for a home loan is tedious. It’s a multi-stepped approval process that forces homeowners to fill out complicated paperwork to apply. Loans are also, in general, situational solutions.They’re highly dependent on a borrower’s ability to repay and how much they need to borrow. For homeowners needing a hassle free solution, avoid taking out large sums from third parties.

Renting to Tenants

get cash for my house by renting a room

Another likely option to get cash out of your property is through renting. Renting allows homeowners to relocate while earning monthly rent. Landlords are allowed to control rent prices and choose their ideal tenants while still owning the property. For homeowners unwilling to sell immediately but still need cash, renting is one possible solution.

Homeowners wanting to rent and inherit the legal issues of renting to strangers should consider the major drawbacks before becoming a landlord. Appealing to possible tenants requires modernizing a property and offering major incentives. This is a time-consuming process for those who need cash immediately. Also, tenants’ personalities and needs vary. Some will be high maintenance and require around-the-clock supervision while others will blatantly disrespect the property.

To solve these potential issues, many landlords hire property management firms to handle tenants, collect rent, and provide overall home maintenance. But that can quickly eat at any potential profit. If a landlord finally does decide to sell their property, tenants have rights that will make future home sale’s difficult if ignored. For guaranteed quick cash, homeowners should steer clear of renting to tenants.

Get Cash for My House from Home Buyers

get cash for my house by selling to buyers

The best option for homeowners that want to get cash for their house is through a speedy home sale. Selling your home allows you to gain that home equity without the lender’s many contingencies. It also provides several benefits for the sellers, including the freedom to relocate to a more affordable house with smaller or no mortgage payments. Unlike acquiring a loan or renting to tenants, selling your property creates the opportunity to cut ties completely with the property and its many financial liabilities.

“How do I sell house in any condition?”

It’s true. Houses sell for higher prices with extensive updates after long months on the housing market. This causes some homeowners to believe they’re unable to sell their property at a profit due to its poor condition. This is simply untrue. A large amount of investors and we buy houses companies pay fair market prices for damaged homes. While listing with a realtor forces sellers to update before closing, selling to an investor allows the homeowner to avoid making costly repairs altogether. For those looking to sell house in any condition, selling to a we buy houses for cash company is essential.

“I need to sell my house for cash. Who do I sell to?”

When I need to sell my house for cash, I exclusively seek out local investors and cash for homes buyers. They offer complete transparency when assessing a home. After a filling out a simple online form, most we buy houses companies contact a potential seller immediately. After a non-invasive and friendly chat, the company’s representative or investor makes a home visit and assesses the property’s condition without judgement. Does your house need major structural repairs? Does the roof, floors, or walls need updating? No problem. These we buy houses companies offer relief to making repairs or performing maintenance before finalizing a sale.

Companies that offer cash for homes provide even more advantages to homeowners seeking relief from financial burden. Cash home buyers guarantee a convenient closing. Paperwork is drawn and amicably explained to the buyer, and closings take place at the seller’s earliest convenience.

We Buy Houses for Cash!

get cash for my house asap

We buy houses for cash companies are interested in making the selling process as expedient and painless as possible. Unlike loan lenders and renting to tenants, selling for cash has fewer complications and takes less money and time. If I want the most cash for my house with the least potential hassle, I’ll choose a we buy houses company any day.

Selling your home in Omaha can be a lengthy, complicated process. From making major repairs to finding the ideal real estate agent in the area, the selling process can cause serious anxiety for most. For homeowners needing to sell fast, spending months on market is detrimental. With we buy houses for cash companies, selling fast for quick cash is a guaranteed bet.

We’re always available to answer any questions you might have, or give you a no obligation cash offer any time! Just give us a call at 402-578-4003. We can’t wait to talk to you 🙂

What Happens to a Mortgage After Divorce?

August 10, 2017 • Owen

Figuring out what to do with a house that has a mortgage after divorce can be daunting.

This type of question comes at a time when your life is probably in turmoil. This is just one of many questions that you have to find answers for and decisions that you will have to make, among who gets the house after a divorce, and what a divorce buyout is. Chances are you have a lot of questions, and a lot of assets to deal with in your divorce settlement and the matrimonial home is the most significant one.

When it comes to the mortgage it can mean that the division of the equity in it has to be determined.

Then it may mean trying to decide whether the home is to be sold. There may be liabilities regarding the home that have to be dealt with.outside house. what happens to mortgage after divorce?

Responsibilities for the Mortgage

Responsibilities for the mortgage after divorce are not something that most deal with on a regular basis so it is understandable why there would be so many questions that arise pertaining to it.

One of the common questions is whether the house does have to go through a sale so the equity can be divided. There is an alternative to this where one party can buy out the other. If this is the route that is taken, usually the spouse that is going to buy the home will have to go through a mortgage assumption it so they can pay the other spouse their share of the equity.

To find out how to remove a spouse’s name from the divorce, please visit this article.

What has to be decided quickly when it comes to dealing with the mortgage after divorce is who is going to be responsible for paying it.

Who Pays the Mortgage After Divorce?

divorce splitting assets

If the mortgage has been held jointly then legally both spouses are equally responsible for making payments.

If the mortgage is not paid the lender can come after both parties. During the divorce agreement, it should be legally determined who is going to assume the mortgage payment responsibility.

There are times where agreements are made between a couple to just transfer the title to the other partner. This can be done with a quit claim deed.

This means the party signing over their ownership will no longer have any claims to the property.

That does not mean that the spouse giving up their rights to the property is no longer responsible for the mortgage after divorce. To prevent this there has to be a transfer of liability. This can be done by the spouse who is taking ownership by taking on a mortgage assumption or arranging for a loan modification after divorce.

In most cases, the better route to take is to assume the mortgage which will then have the responsibility for paying it moved over to the spouse who is going to keep the house.

This will only work if the spouse applying for the mortgage assumption meets the criteria put in place by the mortgage lender. If this is the case then it may be possible to obtain a home equity loan for refinancing.

What if There is Not Enough Equity in the Home?

divorce house

Not every couple going through a divorce is going to realize a profit from the sale of the home, and that selling it will clear off the mortgage.

There are times where the value of the home is lower than the mortgage. If the buyout partner cannot qualify for a loan modification after divorce or come up with other ways to buy the house it creates a difficult situation.

What could possibly be arranged is putting off the buyout or selling the house. It means an agreement would have to be reached to this effect by the two spouses. If this cannot be done then the next alternative may be a short sale.

A Short Sale To Deal With The Mortgage After Divorce

If a short sale is being contemplated to deal with the mortgage after divorce, there have to be some negotiations made with the mortgage lender.

This means that the house would have to be sold for less than the amount of the mortgage. While the mortgage lender is losing money with a short sale this option helps to relieve a lot of the hassles that the lender would likely have if they were to foreclose and sell the house themselves.

It can also mean that the mortgage after divorce that is subjected to a short sale will still leave both spouses with a liability. The lender may hold them responsible to pay the difference owing on the mortgage after divorce sale.

Overall most feel that this is still a better option than dealing with a foreclosure.

Dealing with the mortgage after divorce issues can be really stressful. It may be that the housing market is just not right to consider a sale of the property.

windows on a house

Although both parties want to bring some closure to the situation it may be far better financially for both to hold onto the house and sell it when the market is right. Making this type of decision is all going to depend on the current financial positions that both spouses will find themselves in after the divorce.

Another reason that many would rather deal with a mortgage after divorce is if there are children involved. There has probably been enough turmoil in the family and it’s a better option not to have to uproot the children from the home they are used to.

There are a lot of decisions to be made and some substantial work ahead of the spouse who is trying to buy out the house.

However, it may be worth it when everything is properly considered. It is also important to rely on the right resources.

Both parties should have their own divorce lawyers to assist them with writing up the agreements, and to ensure both parties are protected when it comes to the mortgage for the family home.

If the house is going to be sole then relying on a reliable and trustworthy realtor is important. If re-financing the mortgage after divorce is viable then finding the proper lenders is going to be a priority. It may be based on the financial situation that holding onto the house in both names for a period of time may be the better solution. It is important that all options be carefully considered.

Sell Your House After a Divorce

If you are trying to sell your Omaha house after a divorce, Red Ladder Property Solutions will give you a cash offer as soon as 24 hours!

To get your cash offer, or to get answers to any questions you have, call us at 402-578-4003. There are no obligations in contacting us!

House Investors That Buy Houses for Cash in Omaha

July 6, 2017 • Owen

You’ve probably heard of them before – house investors that buy houses cash in Omaha. Red Ladder Property Solutions is one such company.

But what exactly are the benefits of house investors? Why is it becoming such a popular option? There are definitely advantages to house investors and many see it as a better investment of their time to go with one when they want to sell their house fast.

In this article, we’ll look at pros and cons of selling your house to a real estate investor so you can get a full picture of the business and what to expect when dealing with real estate investors.

house investors

All you need to know about house investors that buy in cash

Being a real estate investor is a fantastic job for those who enjoy networking and are extremely good at real estate sales. But do you know everything there is to know about real estate investors? Have a look at some pros and cons of house investors!

Here are the pros of working with investors that buy houses cash

Pros of house investors:

house investors

  • You won’t have to pay real estate commissions.

Normally, agents will charge certain commissions for using their service. Completely understandable. But house investors don’t and yet they deliver the same service, except faster.

  • They will help you update and upgrade your property.

And you won’t have to worry about any of this – unless you wanted to.

  • They offer flexible payment options.

By offering a variety of payment options you will be able to sell your house fast regardless of your financial state. Alongside, you will also be able to avoid foreclosure.

  • We are able to pay cash and sell your house fast

‘As Is’ sale means that your house can be sold without providing a warranty or being on the hook for problems with the house. You will be able to save a lot of money as well as time. House investors that buy houses cash do not need a warranty. They are getting a discount on the house and know it needs repairs.

  • No hidden fees.

Investors have no hidden real estate fees. This makes it easy to get a good price on your property.

Cons of house investors:

cons of real estate investors

  • They don’t need a license to buy

It might be hard to do a background check on the person selling your home, however, you should still be able to check reviews of the house buying company to make sure it is legitimate. A reputable house investor should provide you references and be honest and upfront about their business.

  • Scammers are out there!

It’s a popular way for scammers to make money off of innocent people. There are some we buy houses scams out there. So how do you make sure your real estate investor is legitimate? You should be able to look up any agent with the Better Business Bureau. An honest real estate investor will also be open to answer any questions you might have about the house selling process.

  • You might get less money for your house

Due to purchasing your house ‘As Is’, this usually means the value of the house will go down. However, due to so many hidden costs of real estate agents, you will often find that cost-free house investors are actually a better option as you roughly end up with the same amount of money as you’re not going through the usual paperwork process.

Investors that buy houses cash need to buy at a discount so that they can cover the unknown expenses they may incur.

6 things every house seller should know

things to know when selling your house

  • Give yourself time

Unless you want to sell your house fast, house selling is often a long process. Give yourself time to make sure things go the way you want them to and that you can sell for the value you want. You will need to be patient – it’s part of the game.

  • House viewings are a tiring process

Apart from keeping your house clean at all times, pet-owners will also have to keep an eye on their animals – or better yet, keep them away from the house during a viewing. You really don’t want your dog to run crazy around the house as your potential buyers are looking around. Warning: there will be a lot of time wasters.

  • But house viewings are also important

When preparing your house for a viewing, you should go beyond just hiring a cleaner or cleaning the property yourself. Sometimes painting the facade, decorating or even keeping the house warmer than usual during the viewing can help speed up the process.

  • Good photos are the secret to success

When you list your property, you need to make sure your photos are fantastic. They are the first ‘house viewing’ people will get – so either brush up on your photography skills or hire a professional who will help you take absolutely perfect pictures. Trust us – you’ll be thanking them later.

  • Get help when you need to

Everyone thinks they are able to sell the house by themselves. But are you really? Do you know the best ways to put your house on the market? Are you familiar with the tricks of the trade and know the real estate lingo inside out? If yes, good for you. If no, don’t worry – our blog is a fantastic resource with plenty of valuable real estate information that will help you make a right decision.

  • You can sell your house in just 2 days!

With Red Ladder Property Solutions, your house can be sold in 2 days if necessary. We buy houses. Got repairs? Doesn’t matter. We buy houses for cash as-is!

house investors

Give us a call at 402-578-4003 or fill out our form – you will hear back from us with a cash offer in less than a day and you can close it whenever you want. Your house can be sold tomorrow, in a week or even in a few months – it’s up to you.

We’re also here to answer any questions you might have on the house selling process, avoiding foreclosure, selling your house with tenants still in it and much much more. Give us a call on 402-578-4003 and sell your house fast!

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