Divorcing? Considering Selling Your House in Omaha? Here’s How To Do It Quickly

June 29, 2017 • Owen

When it comes to selling your house during divorce these options are something that you want to review carefully as chances are you want to do this quickly.

The sale of a house during a divorce can be frustrating because of all the other issues that are going on in your personal life. Some of those issues can include who gets the house in the divorce, and dealing with a divorce buyout. The one thing that you also want to keep in mind is that selling assets before a divorce could land you into some legal difficulties.

If it is agreed upon by both you and your spouse that you have no choice but to sell the family home, you can start planning how to do so so that the best possible outcome is achieved.

Selling Your House Fast During Divorce

selling your house in divorce

Naturally, you want to sell your house fast and chances are you have a lot of emotional ties to it.

This could lead you to over valuing your family home. In your opinion it may be worth a lot more than what the market value is going to indicate.

You will need to think realistically about this and be prepared to accept the sale value of your home rather than what you personally think it is worth. If you put it on the market at an unrealistic price the chances of it selling your house fast are very poor.

Many think that when selling your house during divorce, putting a high price on it to begin with is the best way, as they can always come down on the price.

What they don’t realize is that the first 30 days of the house being on the market is when it’s going to receive the most attention. Waiting to lower the price after this period of time is not the best route to take.

Importance of Curb Appeal When Selling Your House

You want your house to show at its best and you can begin by sprucing up its curb appeal. As soon as prospective buyers come to your house to view it it’s the outside that they see and you want this to be appealing.

It may mean no more than cleaning up any debris that is around the home, and weeding the gardens.

Responsibilities When Selling Your House During Divorce

waiting for the divorce to be over and selling your house

You want to be sure that when you are managing your responsibilities that you choose a Realtor that is going to put all of their expertise, knowledge, and resources into selling your house quickly. You can share your circumstances with this professional as they will keep the details confidential. By doing so the Realtor understands the circumstances and will work diligently on trying to sell the home as quickly as possible.

Alternatively, you can sell your house without any hassle at all to a local house buying company. They will buy it as-is so that you don’t have to worry about curb appeal or any other repairs.

If you are going to sell yourself ‘For Sale By Owner’ or through an agent, when you will want to be sure that the interior of the home presents well just as the outside does. When in a situation where you are selling your family house because of a divorce you have to do what you can to settle things quickly.

If you are going that route, rely on your real estate agent’s suggestions for any repairs or updates that they feel should be done in order to sell faster. Sometimes it’s just a matter of a few minor repairs and some fresh paint that is needed.

Sticking with Your Decision to Sell

selling your house

With so much else going on in your life at this moment you may be thinking about attempting to refinance house after divorce instead of selling it.

Refinancing your mortgage is certainly an option but it can be difficult. The financial situation of both you and your spouse are most likely going to change and you now will have to qualify for new financing.

You may also be contemplating selling assets before divorce, which is okay if both you and your spouse are in agreement for this. It is not something that you want to do otherwise as there could be legal implications.

The process of selling your house in the middle of divorce may feel that it is just too much to handle.

However, it is most probably a necessity so the more committed you are to getting it sold fast the better it will be for both you and your spouse. Once this has been completed you can both begin to move on with your lives.

Every attempt should be made by both parties to co-operate with each other during the sale process in order to get a fast sale.

De-cluttering When Selling Your House

Chances are either you or your spouse has already moved out of the home, and the one left in it is going to be responsible for keeping the home neat and clean during the sale period. If that party is really committed to having the home sell fast then it means getting rid of all the clutter.

You could even begin packing a lot of the items you don’t need at the moment and putting these in an inconspicuous place so they don’t interfere with the viewings of the home. You really want to attempt to stage the home as best you can during your divorce selling home period.

More Options for Selling Your House During Divorce

researching selling your house

If you have priced your house realistically you may find that you get an offer from buyers who are investors and are willing to pay cash for your home. This is something you may want to consider even if the price is lower than what you were expecting. You are going through a rough time in your life right now and probably the divorce proceedings are putting pressure on both you and your spouse to get the assets divided so it can be concluded.

When you are under pressure to sell your house fast, it may mean that you have to make concessions regarding the sale that you would not normally do under normal circumstances.

If possible strongly consider any offers that you do get and listen to the advice of your realtor. This is the professional that has the most expertise when it comes to selling your house fast and this expert will give you their honest opinion on any offers that you receive.

Sell Your Omaha House After a Divorce

If you need to sell your Omaha house fast after a divorce, click here to get an offer within 24 hours!

To get your cash offer on your house, call us at 402-578-4003. We look forward to talking to you about your options. If you aren’t interested in selling your house, but still have questions, feel free to get in contact with us. We are happy to answer any questions.

Sell a Damaged Rental House to Cash Buyers

June 22, 2017 • Owen

Have tenants ruined your house? Fed up with being a landlord, but don’t know how to sell a damaged rental house? We know how frustrating and stressful that can be.

Owning a rental property is a great way to make extra money. For properties in ideal locations and in excellent condition, investors can earn enough for home upkeep and management with a little extra leftover to pocket afterwards.

But with any potential for profit, there’s potential for a financial pitfall. Many landlords and rental property managers share a single horrifying thought: extensive damage to their property that keeps them from renting it to future tenants. Whether it’s due to external factors such as severe storms or caused by problematic tenants with a lack of respect for the property, unrepairable damage is a probability most landlords face. These issues can be time consuming and costly to fix and leave a landlord wanting to know how to sell a damaged rental.

Identifying the Damage

sell a damaged rental houses to cash buyers

There’s no good time to discover property damage as a landlord. Some homeowners will notice their property needing major repairs only after a move-out inspection when the previous tenant’s lease is up. Other landlords discover unrepairable damage while in-between tenants.

Finding structural or cosmetic flaws due to a tenant’s mistreatment can cause serious anxiety no matter when you stumble upon it. If the signed lease agreement allows it, landlords can withhold security deposits to pay for the fixes. Often times, this paltry amount is too small to repair the worst property issues. If the tenant in fault has already moved before the landlord discovers the damage, there may be little recourse for landlords seeking reparations.

On the other hand, landlords may find their property needing serious repairs after facing external circumstances. Natural disasters, burglars, unwanted pests, and deterioration from a property’s vacancy can all factor into the home’s need for expensive repairs. Unless the homeowner has insurance covering these potential threats, they’re unlikely to receive payment for the fixing up of the property.

It will require paying for the repairs out of pocket. For landlords trying to maximize profit or unable to afford the repair, this can mean selling the damaged rental just to stay financially afloat.

Severe damage to a home can greatly devalue the homeowner’s investment and push them to sell. The property value after damage is dependent on the extent of what needs to be repaired. While minor water damage or cosmetic blights can be fixed with relative ease, structural flaws can greatly decrease the home’s value.

To know if the property damage is too great to still earn a profit in the future, landlords must calculate costs to repair and subtract that from what they gain from monthly rent. Some landlords have enough money in savings to spend on emergency cases, while others make barely enough rental profit to pay their own monthly mortgage. For the latter, discovering damage early on and figuring out the property value after damage is essential in making the decision to sell.

Handling the Damages

sell a damaged rental houses without needing to make repairs

After being forced to face extensive damages, many property owners don’t know all their options. Insurance companies could deny claims and tenants can leave landlords fitting the bill. Sometimes a property owner must handle expensive repairs themselves.

When this occurs, the homeowner’s first option is to pay the bills out of pocket. This is where having an emergency savings fund comes in handy. Landlords will most likely need a significant sum to pay contractors, repairmen, and appraisers to reassess the property value after damage. It won’t be cheap, but it’s not impossible for those that have planned beforehand for sudden home repairs. However, if a homeowner financially depends on the rental for income and is not generating any due to the property damage, they might be forced to sell a damaged rental to avoid debt.

Those who choose to handle the repairs themselves must be wary. While doing home repairs yourself can save money, it also comes with detrimental risks. Making major repairs requires expertise of local building codes and possible HOA guidelines. If a fix doesn’t meet the former, it can cause the rental to be shut down completely. Landlords wishing to do their own repairs should also consider the risk to their personal health. For home repair novices, a personal injury is likely and can cause even more financial woes.

Sell a Damaged Rental House for Cash

sell a damaged rental houses to get rid of stress

The best option for landlords facing costly home repairs is to simply sell a damage rental and move on. Though losing a source of monthly income can seem fiscally irresponsible, it’s in the homeowner’s best interest to sell when the burden of owning outweighs the potential profitability. While many prospective buyers are looking for homes in pristine condition that are move-in ready, others are attracted to fixer uppers for their potential. For property owners unwilling or unable to pay for repairing an excessively damaged home, this option requires no money and very little effort.

Typically, trying to sell a damaged rental house is a market no-no. Houses with damages are less likely to sell, and if they do you won’t be getting your money’s worth.. They are more likely to draw the attention of less serious buyers willing to submit lowball offers to procure the property cheap.

However, if you need to sell a damaged rental house with water damage or needing any other major repairs will also appeal to other investors and we buy houses companies. These professional home buyers are more interested in the home’s potential renovation than the risk involved in restoring it. They will offer fair cash offers for homes in any condition.

Selling to a we buy houses company comes with other benefits to landlords desperate to sell a damaged rental. Conducting an as-is sale allows the landlord to be rid of the property before letting it sit vacant for months while repairs are made.

Homeowners won’t need to pay those monthly mortgage payments or the home’s general upkeep if the property is immediately sold to an interested party. Selling to a cash buyer also allows the homeowner to reinvest money from the property’s sale after securing a substantial cash offer. This, too, is a better option than waiting months to fill a damaged property with new tenants.

If your rental is too damaged to repair, contacting a local cash buyer is your best option. They can ensure a quick closing at your convenience, and they buy properties in an condition.

Get Rid of Your Damaged Rental

sell a damaged rental house to an investor for cash

We know how crazy tenants can be! We also know how impossible it can be to rent, or sell a house that tenants have trashed. That’s why, at Red Ladder Property Solutions, we focus on how to help you out of your sticky situation.

We’ll buy your house for cash as-is. No need for you to repair anything. We’ll take your house damage and all! All you need to do to sell a damaged rental house for cash ASAP is contact us! Don’t be afraid to call, we’re always happy and ready to answer any questions you have at: 402-578-4003.

Sell Your House Fast in Omaha

June 15, 2017 • Owen

Selling a house fast is often an added unexpected stress, but it doesn’t have to be. Did you know you can actually sell your house fast and never have to worry about anything, including repairs? Yes, you can sell your house fast in Omaha!

In this article, I will cover everything you need to know about house buyers and the process that enables you to sell your house fast. We buy houses cash – scroll to the bottom of the page to find out how to contact us and start the process today. But for now, let’s get started.

Ways to sell your house fast

sell your house fast

You can sell your house extremely fast by going through a house buying company and here are steps you need to take to make sure the process will run smoothly and without any issues.

1. Research house buying companies

When doing your research, always make sure that the house buying company you choose, which advertises to sell your home fast, is actually not a scam. Check their reviews and testimonials, check their website data and make sure you call them. While some often rely on fake testimonials, you should know that it’s very easy to detect them.

sell your house to companies

How you can spot a fake testimonial:

  • Check their account

If the website offers a third-party review service, check the reviewer’s account. Does it look like it comes from a real person? You will be able to tell. You can spot a fake image by right clicking and doing a reverse Google image search.

  • Check the time of the reviews

If a site has plenty of reviews, you might want to see when they were published – a lot of reviews are often published all at once, as, of course, the owner made them. Check reviews from a third party website – if a company doesn’t have any, then it hasn’t been on the market long enough to gain any reputation. This could be either good or bad – it’s your decision.

  • Do the reviews look similar?

When it comes to fake testimonials, a ghostwriter will often use the same language, or at least one odd word, repeated in all testimonials – keep an eye on those as there are millions of ways a person can write a review. A scammer, especially when from a foreign country, will often have the same spelling mistake in his testimonials.

2. Fill out their form or call them

sell your house fast

After you’re done checking whether the house buying service is legitimate, give them a call or fill out their review form. A good house buyer should answer the call or have an automated service set up if they’re not available – if you have too many disconnected calls, don’t worry – this is not the person you want to work with. When filling out a form, the more information they request, the better it will be for you. Never reveal your personal information that could resolve in stealing your identity.

3. Show your house to the house buyers

When wanting to sell your house fast, you still have to do some sort of a viewing. Be honest – show what you think is the best feature in the house, but don’t forget to mention things that might need repairing. If you don’t, you might still get the cash, but it might cause an unfortunate chain reaction. Honesty is the best policy.

4. Make a decision

So how do you make a decision on the house buying company? There are a few things you should consider when choosing the right company to sell your house fast.

  • How fast can they sell their house?
  • How much (relevant) information they require?
  • Check their online reviews
  • Google their name and go beyond the first page.

5. Decide on the date

choosing a date to sell your house

When do you want to sell your house? Did you know that Red Ladder Property Solutions allows you to sell at a time most convenient for you? Whether it’s 2 days from now or 2 months – we’re here to accommodate your needs. You can easily sell your house in 7 days! Scroll to the bottom of the page to find our contact number – we can’t wait to hear from you-

6. Sign the contract

After your search is done, it’s time to move on to the next step – sign the contract and sell. Here’s a few things you should be aware of if you’re about to sell your house fast.

  • Always sign a purchase agreement

Avoid closing anything at the kitchen table – you must sign a real purchase agreement and always make sure it is legitimate. Don’t sign over deeds until closing at a title company or attorney’s office.

  • Carefully check your contract

It’s best to consult with the lawyer to make sure there aren’t any contract flaws or possible fraudulent activities. Your lawyer will be able to determine the purchase agreement is legitimate and safe.

The fastest way to sell your house

sell your house fast

If you’re looking to sell your house quickly as is, you’re in the right place. Our website offers you everything you need to know about selling your house and if you’re still unsure on what to do, you can always give us a call at 402-578-4003.

We buy houses – just fill in the form and we will give you an offer in less than 2 days. Your house could be sold for cash in less than a week! Following the steps above and you’ll be able to sell your home quickly, safely and efficiently. Without any problems or worries.

We’d love to hear from you, so even if you just wish to talk about real estate or if you have any questions on the subject of stopping foreclosure, selling or renting out your house, give us a call at 402-578-4003.

We’re here to help you sell your home fast.

Sell My House Before or After Divorce in Nebraska?

June 8, 2017 • Owen

The question that gets asked often when people are considering divorce is, “Should I sell my house before or after divorce?”

Whether you should sell a house before or after divorce in Nebraska is going to depend on a lot of variables.

Most often there are so many things to deal with during a divorce that it becomes overwhelming and frustrating. Situations like who gets the house after a divorce, divorce buyouts, and refinancing. One may not think clearly and make decisions based on their emotions which may not be the best decision at the time. There is no doubt that for homeowners that are going through a divorce that the question, “Is it better to sell a house before or after a divorce becomes a reality?”

sell my house after divorce

Is it Better to Sell a House Before or After Divorce?

Regardless of whether you sell a house before or after divorce in Nebraska, you will still want to sell a house at a profit.

Even though you may be in a hurry to get your finances in order as they pertain to the divorce, the timing of the sale is going to be important.

How profitable this will be will depend partially on the housing market at the time, the economy in general, and how long you can wait for the right buyer.

Then there are the other costs that come with selling a house that has to be taken into account. You also have to look at the rules and regulations as they pertain to the state as to how assets are handled in a divorce.

This will play a big factor in helping you to make the decision as to when is the best time to sell.

 Selling My House Before Divorce

should I sell my house before or after divorce?

Making a Profit on the Sale

There can be tax implications that come with the home sale that will have to be decided upon and may also be part of the divorce proceedings.

If you sell at a profit then there may be taxes that have to be paid. Then you may be eligible for a capital gain deduction.

How this is going to affect you will all depend on the decision that is made between you and your spouse for filing your taxes.

If you are selling before your divorce then you both may decide to file the last taxes jointly. If you sell the house after your divorce then you are probably filing separately.

If you need to consider breaking your mortgage read more about the ramifications here.

There can be some tax advantages to filing separately. For example, if you are co-owners of the house you may be eligible for up to $250,000. of capital gains exclusion. This is dependent on your being able to prove the use and ownership tests for the property.

The same advantage may also apply to your spouse who is filing separately. If you decide to file jointly then you both may be able to take advantage of a $500,000 exclusion based on meeting the criteria for this.

Your tax obligations are one of the most important considerations to be made when you are trying to decide whether to sell a house before or after your divorce.

Realizing a Loss On The Sale

alone with the thought to sell my house before or after divorce

It may be that you are not in a good financial position with the ownership of your home. You may be dealing with an underwater mortgage or negative equity.

This is the case when you owe more on your house than what it is currently valued at. If you are going to sell the house at this time you will end up with a loss.

This will be taken into account during the financial division of assets in the divorce and will be a debt that you will both owe to the mortgage lender. The lender has the rights to come after you both to satisfy the debt owed to him

Considering A Short Sale

When deciding to sell a house that has too much owed during a divorce, you may find that you are able to sell the property through a short sale. Negotiations may be made with the mortgage lender to give up his rights to hold you and your spouse responsible for any balance that is left owing after the sale.

Sell My House After Divorce

splitting assets so I can sell my house before or after divorce

If you are able to communicate with your spouse on a reasonable level you both may be able to come to an agreement not to sell the house until the circumstances are more favorable. You may both decide that it would be more beneficial to you financially to sell the house when the housing market is in your favor. Or, until you are able to pay down the mortgage so you don’t have to deal with negative equity.

Some couples who realize that they are both going to be in a tough financial situation because of the divorce are willing to make some concessions. They will both hold onto the title of the home and both remain living in it. One may occupy the basement while the other takes the upper level. While this is a good attempt at trying to find a plausible solution to the financial dilemma it doesn’t usually work out well.

Another option when considering selling a house before or after divorce, when it’s not the right time, is to still keep the title in both names.

However, one will move out of the home while the other remains in it. This still incurs some additional expenses and potential financial hardships for both parties.

While there are several options that relate to not selling the house at the moment it is important that whatever agreement is made is put in writing. Things change after the divorce and decisions that are made prior to or during the divorce proceeding may be ones that don’t seem feasible after the divorce is final.

If the decision to sell has been reached where the house will not be sold until after the divorce, then other factors need to be considered.

It will have to be determined who is going to continue to pay the mortgage. Agreements will have to be made as to who is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance and paying the utilities and expenses.

Ideally, these types of agreements and arrangements should be made under the advice and direction of the respective lawyers for both parties.

So Should I sell My House Before or After Divorce?

paperwork on whether to sell my house before or after divorce

There are pros and cons to both selling a house before a divorce or after a divorce and it takes careful thinking and planning and being logical when making decisions. Relying on the right advice and resources can help you make that decision.

Find out more about whether a house will need to be sold during divorce by reading this article.

Sell Your House After a Divorce

If you need to sell your Omaha house fast, we’ll give you a cash offer as soon as 24 hours! To get your cash offer, or to get answers to any questions you have, call us at 402-578-4003. There are no obligations in contacting us!

How do I Sell My House in Omaha Without Making Repairs?

June 1, 2017 • Owen

Selling a home can be a daunting process for the average homeowner. You’re probably stuck thinking “How am I going to sell my house without making repairs on it?”

Hiring a reputable realtor, agreeing on a fair market listing price, and having potential buyers inspect your home for possible defects while spending months on the market can cause anxiety.

For sellers owning a property needing extensive repairs, the hardships of selling can be overwhelming. Sellers with pristine homes spend money and time to attract the ideal buyer; sellers needing to sell their home without making repairs need to spend more to compete. For homeowners looking to sell fast, selling your home without making repairs might be the best option.

sell your house without making repairs

Before embarking on the selling process, homeowners must weigh their options to determine the most economical solution. Smart sellers will compare the cost of needed improvements to the home’s market value after making the necessary repairs.

If the major repairs won’t provide a reasonable return on investment, homeowners may decide to sell as-is. Homeowners can effectively resell their fixer-uppers on Omaha’s hot seller’s market at a reasonable asking price and skip making major repairs altogether.

Pitfalls of Making Repairs

While some minor repairs can be made without much effort, major repairs can require ample time and money before closing. Many sellers are faced with addressing major plumbing and electrical repairs or outdated safety code violations.

Serious buyers will create a list of all defects after an initial inspection; if the seller is unwilling to fix them before closing, buyers will demand compensation by siphoning potential profit from the home’s asking price. For sellers with homes needing major repairs, this requirement can be costly and a much-needed home sale will fall through.

Before signing the final closing agreement, sellers often agree to repair contingencies. These legal and binding contracts state that no sale is final until certain home repairs are made to the buyer’s satisfaction. Should major damage and repairs be unearthed during a home inspection, the homeowners may be forced to pay or fix those issues before closing, or otherwise lose the sale.

saving money without making repairs

Homeowners can often be blindsided by structural home repairs after a buyer’s inspection, causing the seller to fix these unexpected repairs with financial forewarning. While most real estate sales contracts include these clauses, sellers can avoid this unnecessary hassle by selling as-is.

Another common disadvantage of repairing a fixer-upper before selling is the inspection and appraisal process. It’s common for these tools that assess one’s property to favor the buyer. While inspections are necessary to determine the condition of a home, many inspectors hired by buyers will list all infractions a home may have, including questionable, minor repairs.

Buyers will then use this information to request additional compensation at closing to fix these insignificant issues. In addition, any repairs newly discovered during a home’s appraisal must be addressed before closing. Once a home’s issue arises during either the inspection or appraisal process, it becomes a material fact that must be disclosed to any future buyer interested in the property. For sellers seeking a quick and clean close, the home inspection process can be brutal.

Selling As-Is Without Making Repairs

There are a few key suggestions to consider before signing a closing contract when selling a home without making repairs. When listing your home as-is, be upfront about the home’s condition. Buyers seeking fixer-uppers will be drawn to the home’s potential for remodel while bargain hunters will gobble up the possibility to resell for profit.

This tactic will ensure you receive serious buyers interested in your property and root out buyers who expect an updated and recently remodeled home.

selling to us without making repairs

It’s also important to be mindful of the listing price. While neighborhood comps can give the homeowner a general ballpark about the overall value of the home, sellers must consider the cost of repairs when pricing initially. Prices of fixer-uppers should reflect the amount of time and money buyers may need to spend.

To sell your home without making any major repairs, homeowners must be willing to price the property at its current value and without overestimating its worth.

Remember, selling a house as-is does not relieve the homeowner from disclosing material facts or other known issues with the property. If a buyer proposes a serious offer, sellers are legally obligated to disclose any and all pertinent information about the home, including necessary repairs.

If the homeowner is unaware of the general condition of the home – due to inheriting the property or other circumstances – they are exempt from providing a property disclosure at sale.

Cash House Buyers

When selling a house without making repairs, homeowners will most likely hear from two types of buyers: those interested in purchasing the property for themselves and those interested in making a profit at resell. While the former want to mold a worn property into their perfect dream home, the latter sees a fixer-upper as an investment.

Both buyers consist of people who pay cash for houses, but buyers interested in making a profit are less likely to demand even minor fixes or repair contingencies before closing. In fact, the poorer the condition of the home, the more tantalizing to companies that buy houses.

cash buyers will buy without making repairs

Real estate investors and we buy houses companies can be found in most major cities and towns nowadays. Their “I buy houses” signs are splayed across public benches and plastered on billboards to offer another option for homeowners wishing to sell fast and clean.

These cash house buyers are legitimate people invested in making fair offers at market value to assist homeowners with the selling process. For owners wishing to sell their house without making repairs, companies that buy houses are sometimes the only viable option.

Before outright dismissing the we buy houses companies, homeowners must consider the difficulty involved in selling a home as-is. Homes without repairs can stay on the housing market or months without a single inquiry. Without lowering the home’s price further, sellers must be willing to consider offers from buyers with the financial means to close quickly.

People who pay cash for houses are serious about speedy sales and can see potential and profitability in homes that are otherwise ignored. Homeowners wanting to sell without making major repairs should consider contacting a cash house buyer to avoid the grueling selling process altogether.

Need to Sell Your House Without Making Repairs?

No problem! We are here to help you sell your house in Omaha with as little hassle as possible.

At Red Ladder Property Solutions, we will work with you to make selling your house as simple and stress free as possible! All you have to do is call us at 402-578-4003! We can have your house closed on in as soon as 72 hours, and will get cash in your pocket. We look forward to helping you!